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Tell me all your secrets! :D

2013-09-16 03:10:16 by tailsbuddy

Now, I'm a little curios ..........

What's the......
1.)Awkwardest thing you've ever done in life?
2.)Favorite music track on NG?
3.)Favorite movie/game on NG?
4.)Best thing in your life?
5.)Square root of 3? (LOL)
6.)Weapon of your choice during the next zombie apocalypse?
7.)Most memorable thing when you're young?
8.)Opinion of yours about school?
9.)Most common thing you say?
10.)Thing you want me to do most?
11.)Creature you want to be in the afterlife?
12.)worst thing you've did but not feel bad about it?

And now.......
Invade my privacy by asking me any questions (1 per person and excluding porn)


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2013-09-16 03:16:50

Are you asking us, or are we asking you?

tailsbuddy responds:

Imma askin you guys, but I could post my answer if you'd like ;)


2013-09-16 05:08:35

That's a lot of questions young lady! You know the NSA would smile (if they could), at all the free information they're receiving O__o Besides, the square root of three, is a transcendental number that goes on forever... God's stack dump report, if you will....

(Updated ) tailsbuddy responds:

Bitch please!
We're liars XD
(And plus, it's nice to make people happy :3)


2013-09-16 05:16:54

Okay...I don't see harm in asking some of these (or just one)...I think.

9) On the internet: "I think"
IRL: "It was okay, I guess"

Now's your turn. >:)
number 8, plz

(Updated ) tailsbuddy responds:

LOL, I think......

(P.S. View the post again ;D )


2013-09-16 06:40:49

1. There's a lot so i don't really know.
2. I love them all!! :3
3. So many.. i can't pick :P
4. Me
5. Idk lol
6. Absolutely a shotgun
7. I don't remember
8. Hate it!!!!! >:3
9. Lol
10. Make music, draw there's a lot.. :3
11. A cat
12. Breaking a kid's head in middle school (he was really annoying)

tailsbuddy responds:

You sure are an audiophile!


2013-09-16 07:40:59

1) i need a list for that.
2) everything by cheshyre
3) game: lab of the dead , movie: madness series
4) music
5) wait i'll call my teacher
6) chainsaw for close combat and a tank for traveling
7) sleeping with a conscience relieved :(
8) it's not that bad
9) okay...
10) have fun
11) god in human's body
12) my conscience is almost dead , i totally lost faith in humanity , i just hope god will forgive us

tailsbuddy responds:

12: I hope so too :/


2013-09-16 07:41:47

oh and i didn't ask you :3
ummm what do you think about me ?

tailsbuddy responds:

Pretty nice guy
Always online
And porn


2013-09-16 08:08:52

1. I've done many weird things.
2. Madness stuff :P
3. MADNESS!!!! Game: Epic Battle Fantasy series.
4. Just chilin' out with friends
5. 1.732
6. Battle Axe
7. Nothing
8. I'll nuke it, (unless I get what classes I want)
9. I said many things.
10. Relax and enjoy yourself
11. Skag
12. Crippled my brother.

tailsbuddy responds:

A skag?
*Looks for images on google*


2013-09-16 08:58:48

1) ....
2 & 3) umm idk yet i'm still new here :)
4) my parents
5) lol
6) i'm just gonna stay home and lock the door :O
7) ....
8) not bad
9) idk i don't say much
10) draw more ^^
11) pony :3
12) ...

tailsbuddy responds:

"Stay home and lock the door?
Better not forget my playstation......"



2013-09-16 09:46:57

1.pretending to be sick
2.Kosmos Revenge Invaders movie:TOME Episode 02 :D
6.a scythe
7.when me and my friends were trying to dig up a giant rock xD can be a pain in the butt sometimes but its still ok
9.take it!!! yourself
11.a reaper
12.cheating on a test

tailsbuddy responds:

"Oh look , a giant rock. Let's dig it up."
*Three hours of digging later......*
"Hmm, too bad it's no a nuke...... :/)


2013-09-16 10:00:54

a secret.. ok
i am actually a dog

tailsbuddy responds:

Dawg XD


2013-09-16 11:39:12

I just won't comment because today I'm not feeling good to write a text... ...again, lol.

tailsbuddy responds:




2013-09-16 11:43:16

1.NOTHING!2.sonic colours reach for the stars.(i even have the game of it)3.sonic X 4.HEAVEN!!!5.LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!!!6.Long Sword.7.PLAYING!!!!8.not bad.but,it is stealing my days of HEAVEN!!!!9.DRAW ME DRAW ME DRAW ME! AND SECOND PLACE...TAILSBUDDY!!10.draw me and don't stress you're self for unbeatble LION!!!!!!!!12.FUCKING THE DEVIL!!now you're turn please i spend a lot of time.

(Updated ) tailsbuddy responds:

Fucking the devil?
Oh god why......
(And lol , the games aren't from NG) XD


2013-09-17 06:23:47

1.) Talking something bad about my teacher and later realizing that she was behind me :O
2.)Hmmmm....... I'd say Paragon X9 :Chaoz airflow
3.)Quite a list of it.....
a. infiltrating the airship
b. Madness project Nexus
c.Stealing the diamond
d. Pokemon but with animals
e. Sonic shorts
f.Madness combat
g. [MD2011]:The magician
h. Incident 123 A
i. Cyanide and Happiness

4.) Chocolate chip cookies!!!!! And games.
5.)Wait...... I was asking.
6.)A WALL!!! XD
7.)Ringing doorbells of others and quickly run away :D
8.)I'd say it could be better described with a headshot.
10.) Wait..... why the heck am I asking myself?
12.) Pickpocket-ing
(I was doing it since I was 6, and I've somehow got $56 in total)


2013-09-17 07:13:36

1. in 1st grade i accidently called the teacher mom, and just said: " i didn't say that"
2. [Jay T] Ricepirate
3. Gears of adventure
4. Creative mind
5. Sixty twelve
6. all i need is my bear hands. or just a whole bear. he could kill the zombies for me.
7. iunno really
8. its not that bad even though i really dont get what happens inside the principal's head
9. "Oh really, well that's great. talk to my dick"
10. i already told you i think you should draw more.
11. a cat. i could sit around and give my human orders.

tailsbuddy responds:

"Oh okay dad"
Wait .__.
"I didn't say that"

(LOL ,true story bro)


2013-09-17 14:51:58

Well, ok then:
1. Be educated with people that was never educated with me (now, I'm still educated, but with who deserve it).
2. Cycle of Life (MAC8...).
3. Madness Combat 6.5.
4. God, my family and my friends.
5. 777 (LOL)
6. Dual Micro Uzis with extended magazines.
7. Try speaking english.
8. Take your time, take your patience, take your education, take everything that is good from you.
9. "lol", /o/.
10. Be yourself.
11. A cat :3 or maybe myself
12. Complain about the things my mom don't do for me. (nah, I don't think this is a worst thing, lol).

tailsbuddy responds:



2013-09-17 20:44:32

Ohh my bad i didn't read Q10 right i thought: Thing you want to do most? i forgot the "me" lol
10....... i guess draw more awesome stuff! :P

tailsbuddy responds:

Okay then.....
I guess......


2013-09-19 13:28:01

1)Play CoD:Black Ops II Zombie Mode with worst weapons.
2)Nuclear Mutation-Cheshyre.
3)Madness:Project Nexus.
4)My family and my PS3.
6)Mk 48 and Barrett Sniper Rifle.
7)When I get an OOOLD console. ;) Classic.
8)Boring,but useful for the future.
9)Let's do it. (In spanish I say ''Hagamoslo'').
10)A fucking picture of me.
11)Myself okno#. A lion.
12)Nothing. :D


2013-09-20 16:15:12

10) Keep commenting and being the best you, you could possibly be.


2013-09-21 09:22:44

1)madnuss animationus and mincraftus
2)dubsteptus and technotus
3)madnesstus and platformuff
5)i dont understanduff
7)i forgotuff
8)i like learning englishuff
11)a thing that make people cancer-uff

tailsbuddy responds:


lool yer make me luff


2013-09-21 16:59:41

12.) I did this, I saw my sister get hit in the face by a bouncy ball when i was 6 and i started laughing.

tailsbuddy responds:

So did I


2013-09-24 17:01:39

u should make a new post ^^

tailsbuddy responds:

Nothing to say here....


2013-09-24 20:45:02

6.)Rail Minigun

13.)Is a psykopath. 8)

tailsbuddy responds:

Wait a sec.....
That moment when you said Rail Minigun