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More stupid questions just to waste your time :P

2014-02-22 06:58:05 by tailsbuddy

1.)Proudest thing you've ever did in your childhood

2.)Worst thing you've ever done.

3.)Have you heard of durians? (And if you do, what's your opinion about it?)

4.)Favourite animal?

5.)The most nostalgic thing in your life?

6.)Ask me a question :3


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2014-02-22 07:02:01

1. Drawing (lel)
2. Opened toilet stalls while someone was in there
3. Nope D:
4. Buuurds
5. Madness
6. New drawing plz?

tailsbuddy responds:

I can't, my pc broke down :c


2014-02-22 07:12:12

Plenty: I farmed and worked construction from age 10 on. Adults treated me as an equal.
I told a secret, trying to curry favor... stupid hormones! Nah, heard about them though :)
Cats think I'm their favorite animal :p
This site |:
How are you :3

tailsbuddy responds:

I'm fine, thank you ^^


2014-02-22 07:18:02

Here's mine
1.)Kicking a bully 6 years older than me in the balls and becoming heroine of the class. (Those good old days when I'm six :P)
2.)Putting a bar of mentos into a 3l coke bottle........and having to drink all of it D:
3.)Delicious :3
4.)Kitties = ^w^=
5.)Pokemon gold


2014-02-22 08:40:50

1. I won a plastic trophy once for a story I wrote
4.komodo dragon
5.hmm.. hard to choose one.

tailsbuddy responds:

I'm good ;)


2014-02-22 09:00:53

1) I can't recall much but i'd say the hallway long vomit i did at 4 it was a very long hallway.
2) Walking on a frozen pond at 2C in the end of winter i fell in and boy was it cold.
4) I'd say cat but i think raccoon are more interesting.
5) Sunday Morning by K-Os , every Thursday i'd go to get grocery and that song was always playing.
6) How bored were you to ask these question ?

tailsbuddy responds:

I was so bored, I typed these while hanging upside down.


2014-02-22 09:07:51

1. Split an enemies head open with a toy shield caused from bullying
2. Had a fight with my dad that caused a week of no talking
3. Nope
4. Puppies!!! (Welsh Corgis/Shiva Inus/Bernese Mountain) :3
5. This site and what it consists of :)
6. If you wanted to live in a different place. Where would you live and why? :3

tailsbuddy responds:

I'd say..........finland.
The education there is awesome, and you don't get much homework.


2014-02-22 09:18:00

1) donated some of my bone marrow (which can be only taken from the core of your spine bone) to save my friend's life .. i couldn't even stand for a week but now i'm okay and he's alive and everyone is happy :P
2) i had a fight last year with some asshole .. and it ended up with my hands covered with blood :\
3) never heard of it .. but in google it looks like some ind of fruit
4) DOGS <3
5) my pillow at 6:30am
6) what the craziest thing you've done in last 3 years ? :3
have a nice day ^^

tailsbuddy responds:

Chewing a pillow till the cotton came out :P
(You donated bone marrow? Ure a hero :O)


2014-02-22 11:16:47

1) Asked out a Japanese girl
2) Running into a women's bathroom
3) lol what?
4) snow leopard
5) asking out a girl
6) am I stupid?

tailsbuddy responds:

It depends on how smart you are xP


2014-02-22 12:43:30

1. Telling someone the truth about something i kept for a while
2. Making a mistake that made me disconnect with a half of my friends
3. WAT
4. Armadillo
5. Blip & Blop
6. Why did you stop drawing and when will you start?

tailsbuddy responds:

My pc broke down, I've got it fixed but it's lagging horribly.
I'll start, in June when it's the school holidays.


2014-02-22 14:00:19

1.Hitting people with durians
2.getting myself hospitalised and having one of my organs removed to my surprise people can live without it
3.They smell a bit like manure
4.guinea pig
5.hmm visiting old places from when I was little
6.if you were dreaming something and then realised it was a dream, what would you do?

tailsbuddy responds:

6.Keep on dreaming :P

(Yeah, asian food is a little stinky for foreigners, but It actually smells good to some people. )


2014-02-23 08:45:23

1. Play Spyro, Crash and Mario
2. Come to a site I won't say which is because I don't feel good when remember about it :'(
3. ???
4. Kitties and Dogs :3
5. Myself xD
6. Do you agree that I'm such a old-time and nostalgic guy? Not a modern one? :P

tailsbuddy responds:

My head cannot process that question.


2014-02-26 22:38:33

1. Won a laptop (then broke it)
2. Being the biggest jerk in school while trying not to
3. Like the king of fruits?
4. Cats :3
5. Friendship <3
6. Do you eat Durians? They got bad odor.

tailsbuddy responds:

Yeah I eat durians. I'm an asian after all.


2014-03-04 09:30:51

1.) Have a PS2
2.) Prefering my PS2 than my Friend
3) Nope :C
4) Hmmmmm, dammit that's difficult XC, i love animals!!!
5) Hmmmmmmm, PS1 :P
6) Did you know that I'm friends with Dchuyv and Pa4oo, so that means, you're next????? >:D

tailsbuddy responds:

Does that include me getting a cookie? :3


2014-03-05 05:57:27

2.gave my sis a slap, plus she even laughed about it!
3.never heard about it.
4.Gold fish.
5.this QUESTION! (actually idk what nostalgic means)
6.which of your art do you think is the best?

tailsbuddy responds:

Either "Missile Time!" or "A normal night".

BTW nostalgic means something from the past that you really miss.


2014-03-05 07:05:25

Yuss, here's your cookie ;D

*gives cookie*

tailsbuddy responds:

You are now officially my friend :p


2014-03-05 08:26:28

so here is the real answer for 5: my nunchuck from my wii!( it broke by some small jerk!)

tailsbuddy responds:

D: Awwwww maaaaaaaaaaan

Did he pay?


2014-03-05 19:33:13

1. I have never done anything
2. Hard to say. I regret a lot of things but the worst... I guess failing math was bad.
3. You mean the tropical fruit? They look weird.
4. Penguins are amazing!
5. Living close to Toronto. I remember my parents would go out in to the city and take me and my sister with them. Driving home was my favorite part because it would get dark and the lights from the city looked really cool. The radio station played a lot of Linkin Park so i listen to that a lot now when I work... Im getting carried away. Sorry.
6. What is something that people do that really bugs you?

tailsbuddy responds:

Bitchy girls chit chatting. I never liked my gender, honestly.


2014-03-06 17:31:02

Just noticed something, Why are you still using that X-mas pic lel :D

tailsbuddy responds:

I wish everyday was x mas so I didn't have to go to school.


2014-03-07 03:27:27

6.) Do you think anyone would donate money to a children's hospital, if I got my long hair buzzcut off on camera, at Pico Day? I'm embarrassed at my balding dome, and would like it's removal to mean something....

tailsbuddy responds:

I'm not sure. I mean, we don't do these things in our country,

But that's a huge decision, you've gotta think it thoroughly.


2014-03-07 05:07:55

We do all kinds of weird things for charity in the US, like water dunking (guy/gal sits on a seat that either drops into tank full of water or flips you over... like 3 throws/chances for 5 bucks or something), slave-for-a-day/dating auctions.. we had Jello wrestling at my high school, then they went to oatmeal... doubt they do it anymore :(

Hmmm. Maybe I'll make a post with just the top of my head showing, and ask the degenerates in the BBS. Heh.

tailsbuddy responds:

Whoa thats SO cool!


2014-03-07 05:21:57

Yeah, it's not always running or dinners or something. Here's a neat one though It usually means a lot more, if more people are involved... who knows, maybe someone else will join me!

tailsbuddy responds:

Whoa cool!
Too bad I've already cut mine.


2014-03-07 06:14:49

Yeah me too :C

tailsbuddy responds:

We all know dat feel.


2014-03-08 15:46:47

T_T I'm ashamed in you... Im sorry. I just am.

tailsbuddy responds:

It's for the sake of the world.
Who knows? One day it might save my virginity


2014-03-10 09:43:20

2 Run from home age 13
3 Nah
4 Rabbit
5 Kiss with the hottest girl in 7th grade
6 How are you man?
Haven't seen ya lately :)

tailsbuddy responds:

I'm good. (I guess)


2014-03-11 18:42:57

1. Got a huge fish (pike) when i fished in a lake
2. Smelled at Surströmming (Rotten fish. Smelly enough that is banned in Airplanes)
3. Durians? They are spiky. Perfect to kill and throw at other with that (Guess whats common with Durians and Surströmming? Theyre smelly. But people still eat them)
4. Wolves
5. played Super Nintendo.
6. Whats your favorite colour

tailsbuddy responds:

My favourite colour?
Definitely tables


2014-03-13 08:59:29

1. I Puked on My Classmate that I Hate with Brownie Bits & I Wasn't Scolded or Put to the Principal's Office

2. I Dived into a Lake thinking there are No Crocodiles. Guess What? I was Wrong. Good thing i Left the Lake with No Blood Loss or Wound whatsoever.

3. Durians, Fuck Them. They are Smelly & People Eat Them but I Tried it as a Weapon once. It was Epic.

4. Bunny Rabbits & Pandas

5. Asked the Hottest Guy on College on a Date. He said Yes


tailsbuddy responds:

It's either because I ate a cookie or that I am awesome.
(Bragging time! XD)


2014-03-14 23:42:39

When will you change your icon?
no srsly. X-mas is gone....

tailsbuddy responds:

I think Imma gonna use it for the whole year so I don't have to change it next christmas :P
(Lazy me xP)