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Leaving things behind.

2016-02-23 05:26:27 by tailsbuddy

Well, straight to the point, I'm leaving newgrounds behind, maybe momentarily, maybe permanently. I figured it should be time I stopped acting like a retarded child and start getting an actual life. Newgrounds has been a major part of my past since I don't really act well socially, therefore resulting in me spending all my time here. I've been hiding from all my problems for a really long time, and I must admit that schizophrenia, psychopathy, depression and a few other disorders haven't made it any better for me. At one point, it just gets really confusing because you don't know if you're supposed to be depressed or be laughing at your depression because of your sadism. I guess it's kind of difficult when all you can do to stop feeling like this is to act retarded and smile at everything. 

To be honest, I know there's enough depressed people in this world, but I guess it's not your choice to choose who you are. There's just a point where you have to stop shrugging things off and start facing your flaws. I'm not sure if this is the right decision, but staying here will only make things worse, so I guess this is goodbye.

Oh, and if anyone is concerened about the comic thing and actually likes it, don't worry. I'd probably finish the whole thing and upload it in one go, presumably many, many months later.

Bai~ :D


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2016-02-23 09:21:38

Don't be so hard in yourself,it's all part of growing up and we can only be young once!Anyway,it's a pity to see you go but it's your decision,so I wish you all the best in whatever path you take!Take care!


2016-02-23 12:34:34

Oh mate, i wish you the best of the lucks doing what you want!


2016-02-23 13:05:48

I'll miss you buddy :<
good luck out there and I hope you come back one day (>^^)>


2016-02-23 15:06:32

Good luck m8!


2016-02-23 19:50:36

Good luck


2016-02-23 20:44:49

idk if i gotta say goodbye cuz the skype thing...
All problems can be solved, they just need time and patience.
i wish you the best tails, and i hope you can beat it.
Peace *psicological hug*


2016-02-23 20:55:03

Good luck


2016-02-24 00:52:15

hasta la vista, sir, and a godspeed to you as well.


2016-02-26 18:16:20

So long as you're leaving with a smile on your face, I'm happy! We had some good times, yeah?
I hope you can find peace and balance in your life, and be all that you can be.
You're still young and growing, and I know you can be the person you wanna be, with a little hard work.


2016-03-06 04:23:32

Good luck m8 I'm gonna miss you


2017-04-28 02:43:11

Time, Dr Freeman? Is It Time?


2017-05-31 20:18:00

it's been over a year
boy it's not the same


2017-05-31 20:20:26

Are you alive?